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Symposium I. Soil sustainability and Biodiversity in a Changing World
Co-Chairs: Prof., Dr. Francisco Matus and Dr. Carolina Merino

Symposium II. Advances in farm animal reproduction
Co-Chairs: Dr. Ricardo Felmer and Dr. Néstor  Sepúlveda

Symposium III Proteins with potential biotechnological applications

Symposium IV. Soil processes and Plant Nutrition
Co-Chairs: Dr. Paola Duran

Symposium V. Biomedicine

Symposium VI. Plant Biology and Bioactive Compounds
Co-Chairs: Dr. Cristian Meriño and Dr. Miren Alberdi

Symposium VII. Aquaculture Research and Mitochondrial Dynamic
Co-Chairs: Dr. Jorge Farías

Symposium VIII. Network for Extreme Environment Research (NEXER)
Co-Chairs: Dr. Mara Cea

Symposium IX. Advances in the frontiers of biopolymer research
Co-Chairs:  Dr. Gustavo Ciudad

Symposium X. Applied Microbial Ecology
Co-Chairs: Dr. Milko Jorquera

Symposium XI. Plant Microbe-Interaction
Co-Chairs: Dr. Alex Seguel

Symposium XII. Ecological chemistry
Co-Chairs: Dr. Andrés Quiroz

The program will be updated in the next weeks