Welcome Message

It is a great honor for us to welcome all our colleagues and students to the 5th International Workshop in Advances in Science and Technology of Bioresources organized jointly by the Doctoral Programs in “Science of Natural Resources” and “Sciences, major in Applied Cellular and Molecular Biology”, both belonging to Universidad de La Frontera. On behalf of both Programs, we are pleased to invite you to participate in this event, which will be held at Universidad de La Frontera, Pucón, Chile from December 2 to 4, 2015. This year we have invited Doctoral Program in "Engineering Science, major in Bioprocesses” participating as a symposium organizer within our International Workshop, bringing together a broader spectrum of disciplines and enriching discussion and potentiating collaborations.

The workshop will be devoted to discuss “new advances in biotechnology”. The workshop is addressed to environmental chemist, microbiologist, ecologist, applied biologist, plant biotechnologist, chemical ecologist, biomedicine scientist and soil scientist to share information, identify gaps in knowledge, and stimulate the interaction in areas of the common interest. Special attention will be given to our students. They will have the opportunity to present their researches along with distinguished international invited speakers, research scientist and professors.

Two Satellite Meetings will be held in conjunction with the 5th International Workshop in Advances in Science and Technology of Bioresources:

Satellite Meeting 1: Soil-Plant and Microorganism 2015
Satellite Meeting 2: New Technologies for Environmental Protection 2015
Satellite Meeting 3: Cancer research in Chile: a multidisciplinary approach to cancer

We want to acknowledge all participants that will contribute to this workshop, in particular to our invited speakers. We also want to thank to the Universidad de La Frontera and all students from both Doctoral Programs involved in the organization of the 5th International Workshop.